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TOBECAN Importclear is a full-service customs brokerage firm providing nationwide air, ocean and road customs clearance. As a nationwide commercial customs brokerage, we are consistently able to offer individual and prompt attention to all our customers. Our experienced brokerage staff is able to assist and expedite the most challenging shipments to ensure a seamless Customs clearance process. Our vast and in-depth knowledge of duty-free programs and special classification options allows us to maximize our clients’ savings when importing into the CHINA.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff specializes in clearing products as diverse as:
. Fresh food products (perishable experts)
. Frozen foods
. Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
. Watches, footwear, and electronics
. Tobacco products, cosmetics, and other regulated items
. Apparel, textiles, and fabrics
. Machinery, machine tools, and various industrial commodities
. Furniture and home furnishings
. Books and other printed matters
. Chemicals and metals
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Why choose Importclear CHINA?

Communication is our priority
Communication is paramount not only to IMPORTCLEAR CHINA, but to Customs Brokerage and logistics as a whole. That’s why we offer multi-channel communication, keeping you and the rest of your supply chain up to date every step of the way.

Quick & Compliant
TOBECAN IMPORTCLEAR prides itself on the ability to act quickly & efficiently while maintaining compliance. Using our proprietary software and “swarm” approach, we can ensure no detail is overlooked and offer the quickest turnaround time in the industry, guaranteed.

Available now, when you need us
Traditional brokerage models are antiquated – It can take days just to activate an account. You want to work with a Customs Broker that can work at the speed of today’s business.
With Tobecan Importclear technology you get:
. Ready account activation within minutes
. Document upload with visual confirmation
. Live chat sessions throughout the lifetime of your shipment

Transactional & Transparent
obecan Importclear prides itself on pioneering the online customs clearance industry.
1. First fully transactional customs brokerage website:
From account creation and document upload to online bill payment. Tobecan’s state of the art platform is continuously evolving to provide users the best experience in the business.
2. Transparent pricing:
We were the first to post our pricing and today offer a menu of pricing that optimizes cost for all user types. Avoid the hidden charges common in the industry.

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